From Tea to Whisky

About this web site

The idea of this web site is quite simple really, it's my way of showing friends, family, people I know and those I don't what is going on in my world. It's about communication. I believe the old adage "It's good to talk!" In the modern world it's something we don't do enough of. Why? Because of the pace of life, when I have time to talk, you may not have time to listen. So I've built this basic and simple web site so that you can listen in your own time.

The Subject Matter

Family is important, especially as we get spread across the globe. And the same applies to friends

Work is a necessary evil. It affords us the ability to pay for those material things in life that we like. Those things that we want to have around us, those things that we use to define ourselves. Having spent 7 months on the unemployed register in 2008 (we used to call it The Dole) I realise that it also helps build our self esteem.

Motorbikes are important to me. It's something that's in your blood, you either do or do not do motorbikes. I do!

Travel broadens the mind. An old but true saying. Travel is relatively cheap so do it and learn about life itself.

My Blog Site is all about keeping in touch, daily happenings, news, views, opinions and the occasional rant about anything, even life itself.

Common Interests covers those things that interest us all in general. For example, the weather, major events around the world and things closer to home. Here you will also find some examples of absolutely fabulous photography on subjects that interest me and I hope you too will enjoy them.