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Andy's current drive - a 1998 BMW 323 Coupe
Details to be inserted - Seat Leon Cupra R

Andy's previous drive - a 1998 BMW 323 Coupe

The story: Bought as a private purchase this is his daily driver. Boywork has some areas that need attention to bring it up to standard - nothing major but probably costly - rear wheel arches and leading corners of front wings. The big surprise is that this car is fitted with a 2.8 instead of the standard 2.3 and that the interior is immaculate, However, Andy has plans for ripping the (very strong) engine / gearbox out and transplant into a 23 year old BMW 1.6 he has bought that has excellent bodywork and interior but shot mechanicals. Can't wait to see if he can pull it off. Watch this space.....

1998 BMW 323 Coupe

Andy's 2002 BMW M3 Coupe

The story: Bought as a private purchase from a guy living near Nottingham as a present to himself on leaving Sytners in Leicester. It had a few minor issues that needed attention but which were no problem to Andy with his training and familiarity with the marque. He ran it for 6 months before conceding that it wasn't the right car to run on apprentice money. Sold to another lucky lad based in Spondon.

2002 BMW M3 Coupe

Andy's 2002 BMW 320D Tourer

The story: Bought from Stratstone BMW in Derby (as a staff purchase) just before he left to work for Sytners in Leicester. It was a high mileage trade-in that needed some work including a new rear differential, new front brake discs and pads and some electriacl work. Andy has done all the work himself and it is now showing over 146,000 miles and purrs away like a good'un. It has just been treated to new tyres all round (Continental Sport Contact 3) and should be good for several thousand miles more - these things last forever.

2002 BMW 320D Tourer

Andy's 2004 Hinda Civic Type R

The story: Bought from Cars Direct in Shffield, it suffered from having loads of non-standard parts (brakes discs and pads included) so Andy did all the work to return it to standard, then built and installed a custom sound system before selling it privately to a guy from the Late District when he needed an economic motor for his daily commute between Derby and Leicester. This Civic was a fabulous replacement to the Corsa SXi that preceded it.

2004 Hinda Civic Type R

Modifications:- Custom built and fit sound system.

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