Mark's Mazda 1.6 TS

Mark's first quality car, it replaces the Fiat Punto that was his first (banger) car. The Punto served it's purpose as Mark needed a car to get between home and university and which wasn't expensive to run, but, that meant trips to a local specialist breaker and spannering by his older brother and me (dad). Now that he has a full time job he needs reliable transport to get to and from his place of work, visit his girlfriend and general social use.

History: Supplied and known from new by dealer. It is very low mileage for it's age and is in really clean condition. It was first registered in 2004 and has had one lady owner from new. The dealership had just reduced it by over 800 so the price was right. Andy checked it out and said that only the clutch was showing signs of wear, but otherwise healthy. The dealer has put a full 12 months, official Madza backed, warranty on it with full home start / recovery - so there's real peace of mind. It drives well, is clean and tidy and looks good for a few years - let's hope that's how it works out.
Purchased: Took delivery 28th December, 2010.
Servicing: All servicing has been done by dealer or Halfords.
Mileage on purchase: 33,000
Current mileage . . . : 43,600
Fuel consumption . .: just over 40 mpg

Faults/Problems to date:- None, 100% reliable and first service coming up and booked (Sept 2011).

Mark collects his Mazda

Mark's Mazda 3 TS 1.6

Mark's Mazda 3 TS 1.6

Mark had an iPod connection put into the Mazda's sound system so that he can listen to his choice of music on those longer journeys that he is making now that he has a car appropriate to the task.

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