Phil's Honda Accord

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My thoughts after 30 months and 69,436 miles:-

History: Bought at 2 years old, 1 previous owner
Purchased: From Honda franchise dealer on Mansfield (since bought out by Stratstone)
Servicing: First dervice done by Lookers, Derby. All subsequent servicing was done by myself, my son Andy or a local independent trader / mechanic
Mileage on purchase: 22,508
Mileage on sale . . . ..: 91,944
Fuel consumption: 32.6 mpg (average over life of ownership)

Faults to date:-

Changes from standard specification:-

Front right quarter view - I like the puposeful look of the front.

Front left quarter view - Notice misted up headlamp.

Rear right quarter view - Remenisent of the BMW 3-series of it's time.

Rear left quarter view - not much more to be said.



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