Phil's Volkswagen Passat

For just over 2 years I owned this VW Passat 2.0 SE TDi 140 bhp saloon (B6 model) first registered May 2007. These are my thoughts during ownership:-

History . . : Bought 1-Sept 2010 at just over 3 years and 3 months old with 1 previous owner.
Purchased: From Stafford VW, a franchise dealer found by searching the interwebnet.
Servicing .: Sold and all servicing to date by Stafford VW
Mileage on purchase: 32,665
Mileage on selling.....: 62,886
Fuel consumption . .: 43.236 mpg
Changes from standard specification:- none

Faults/Problems to date:-
  • Faulty air vent on dashboard.
  • Steering wheel not pointing dead ahead when driving in straight line.
Both of the above were fixed under warranty.

  • Windscreen washers - it took 3 visits to dealer to get these fixed, and even then Andy had to complete the job.
  • Service at 44,000 miles (on a pre-paid plan), with Cambelt change with all pulleys and water pump (due at 4 years or 80,000 miles) which cost me 400 (done with service).
  • Sept 2011 - 4 new tyres for MoT - Avons fitted to replace rather nasty Dunlops.
  • Sept 2011 - passed MoT (no advisories) and personally fitted new air filter.
  • Winter weather 2011/12 saw electronic parking brake freeze on - r/h/s solenoid diagnosed as faulty, cost 333 to fix (work done by Parkway VW, Pride Park, Derby).
  • Dec 2011 - Recall by VW for possible faulty injectors. Injectors had to be removed, ID checked and replaced if from faulty batch (work done by Parkway VW, Pride Park, Derby).
  • Service at 54,000 miles (on a pre-paid plan by Parkway VW, Pride Park, Derby).
  • Sept 2012 - 2 new tyres after just 15,000 miles for front axle, with 4 wheel tracking done ahead of MoT.
  • Sept 2012 - passed MoT (no advisories).
  • Sept 2012 - Stone chip meant a new widscreen had to be fitted.

From the front - I just love it.

Other side...

Rear quater view...

Full side on view...

Front from above.

  • The torque, instant GO when you put your foot down
  • Ride and predictable handling
  • Cruise control (it's so easy to use)
  • Spacious and comfortable seating
  • Cubby holes and cabin storage space
  • Nice big boot with luggage hoops and hooks
  • Large fuel tank (70 litres) gives nealy 700 miles between fill-ups.

  • Push button for parking brake
  • Economy is a long way off the 51 mpg claimed by VW
  • Eventually found it to be too big, especially when parking.

Final Update 10/12/2012:-
The Passat finally proved too big for what I need a car for right now. Sold with just under 63,000 miles on 7th November 2012.
Will be remembered for being a fast and comfortable way of getting from A to B.

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