Phil's Peugeot 207cc 1.6 HDi

The Mazda's replacement was previously Sue's folding steel roof convertible, the Peugeot 207cc 1.6 HDi FAP 110bhp that she bought from Taylors of Boston (Peugeot main franchise dealer) so I know it's history and it is low mileage at just over 29,000 miles. At the time time that Sue bought it it was one of only 12 in the country built to this high specification with full leather interior. It has recently had 4 new tyres, all Uniroyal Rainsport 3. I've had them on the Mazda 6 and liked them so Sue was happy to fit them to the Peugeot.

History: Previously a demonstrator, purchased and then traded in at Lister Mini, Boston.
Purchased: By Sue from Taylors of Boston (Peugeot main franchise dealer) Click here to visit their site
Servicing: Full service history with all supporting bills since Sue bought it
Mileage on purchase: up from just over 9,000 to 29,196
Current mileage: about 200 more miles...
Fuel consumption: 42 mpg (average since date of purchase).
Issues:- Needed a new MoT by 12/09/2017, booked in and passed Friday 8th September 2017. Also needs a service in the next 750 miles.

Main features:-
* It still genuinely looks as good today as the day Sue bought it
* Full leather interior with heated front seats
* Drinks cooler built into glove box
* iPod docking station
* 6 speed gearbox
* rear parking sensors
* Auto folding external door mirrors on locking

* Front mats (included in the deal)
* Wind break (that Sue bought off eBay)

Impressions so far:-
It definitely is not a Mazda 6, but then, I knew that when I agreed to the deal. It is rather surprisingly fun to drive but without that ooomph that the 2.5 litre Mazda had. Small and nimble it gets "hair dresser" comments so I have taken to wearing a cloth cap. I care not because financially it made no sense to keep the high mileage Mazda and accept a trade-in price for the Peugeot.

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