Grindleford Cafe & Snake Pass - 7th February 2010.

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February 7th 2010 was the first planned group ride-out with folks from the UK Deauville forum. We’d agreed to meet up at Stratstone Motorcycles on the A61 in Clay Cross where we could get a cuppa and butty in the café area before setting off. The route was across Woolley Edge to Matlock, up the A6 to Rowley, then past Chatsworth house to Grindleford Café for another cuppa. Then on past Ladybower Reservoir and up over the Snake Pass to Glossop, stopping at The Cafeteria for lunch. From there we split our separate ways, with me in a small group of 5 bikes heading down to Buxton, Ashbourne and into Derby.

The route saw us riding in just about every type of weather, fine at start to Clay Cross, mist across Woolley Edge, fine/light drizzle past Chatsworth House, thick fog from Grindleford to Ladybower, clear but freezing up over Snake pass. The return from Glossop was less variable or extreme. Up over Snake pass there were drifts of snow at the side of the road, but everywhere the roads were clear, if greasey. In all I did a total of 126 miles. A great first ride-out of the year, organised by Mr John Coates – nice one John.

Post script - since writing this up Stratstone Motorcycles (owned by the Pendragon Group) has been wound up and the premises bought and relaunched by Chesterfield Motorcyles (CMC).

Deauvilles at Grindleford Cafe.

From another angle.

And again.....

Allan, Jane and Colin...

CBR1000 just needs shaft drive to tempt the Deauville faithful.

Oversized Deauville,or Allan & Jane's FJR...?

When bikers aren't riding they're either gassing or refuelling.

So what is this lot doing?

Chatting away as only bikers can...

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