Fly-drive West Coast USA

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Typically busy American highway - Somewhere between Phoenix and Jerome.

The view from Jerome - out to the north towards Sedona.

The Grand Canyon - spectacular views, from above.

The Grand Canyon - one big impressive hole in the ground.

The Grand Canyon - cleaning the bugs off the windscreen after out flight.

Our flight companions - and the helicopter we flew in over the Grand Canyon. We were in the front with Sue sat
next to the pilot and these 3 guys were in the 2nd row of seats. As the ground crew closed the cabin doors they warned
the pilot that the flight was over weight.

Sue & I - infront of the Grand Canyon.

The entrance to Bryce Canyon - and Sue.

Bryce Canyon - view 1.

Bryce Canyon - view 2.

Bryce Canyon - we walked to the bottom, us on the way down.

Bryce Canyon - on the way down I took this photo of the "Two Bridges" looking back up.

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