Phil & Sue are founder/player members of a local badminton club. Phil plays less frequently now.
While Andy plays only occasionally, Mark is now a frequent player.

Mark has played football since the age of 6 - 17yrs and in his regular position of goalkeeper he played at county level
winning dozens of trophies, shields and medals. Currently he plays 5-a-side indoor football in 3 leagues but now in a
central defence position.
Mark is a life-long supporter of Manchester United. Near the end of the 2006/07 season he attended his first match
at Old Trafford to see them beat Bolton Wanderers.
Andy supports Arsenal
Sue supports Colchester United FC
Phil isn't really a football supporter
All support Derby when they aren't playing any of the above teams

Motorsport - motorbikes
If it's got an engine and it's on two wheels then Phil is interested. From Superbikes to Paris Dakar and MotoX in the UK
and Europe, through to the AMA Series in America and MototGP worldwide - if it's showing on any one of the sports
channels then Phil will find time to watch it. Sidecars are manic and it's a big disappointment that more of these racing
units is not televised.

Motorsport - cars
Again, if it's got an engine and it's got wheels then Phil is interested, although Touring cars, Rallying and racing that involves
standard or modified road cars is generally more likely to get watched than single seaters. V8 saloons racing is now starting
to go global and moving out from Australia where it's popularity started - which is surprising considering the Yanks have been
racing them for years - but then the ovals aren't anywhere near as interesting as road circuits, which probably explains that

F1 Grand Prix is at last getting interesting after the boring Schummacher years of processional racing where everybody had
to line up behind Ferrari because Bernie Ecclestone was so biased towards them.

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