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During my search for a replacement for my Honda Deaville 650 I did the obvious, I went hunting road tests and reviews. So now a year into Transalp ownership I thought I'd dedicate a page to the links I found and which helped forge my decision. There is a lot of information out there and I believe that it is better that you read the origianl stuff rather than me replicating it and infringing the owners copywrite. I am still finding more of these links and adding as I go. I hope these links prove useful to others (hold down the CTRL key when you click the link).

Click here First Ride: Honda XL700 Transalp - posted 10 April 2008
Click here A South African owner view and farkling: Honda XL700 Transalp - posted 24 June 2008

Click here Kevin Ash (deceased) motorcycle journalist - his review of the Honda XL700 Transalp - posted 2008

Click here MCN (MotorCycleNews): Honda XL700V Transalp Adventure Motorbike Review

Click here TopSpeed: 2008 Honda XL700V Transalp

Click here Dual Sport Africa: 2008 Honda XL700V Transalp with full specifications

Click here WiseBuyers Guides: Honda XL700VA-8 Road Test

Click here Tripper Bike Reviews: Honda XL700V Transalp

Click here Wheels24: Honda XL700V Transalp - posted 29 April 2011

Click here Cycle World: 2008 Honda XL700V Transalp First Look

Click here IOL Motoring: Honda XL700V Transalp - comfort zone - posted 17 March 2008

Click here Adventure Bike Rider: Honda XL700V Transalp ABS - posted 30 March 2009

Click here RedLine: Honda XL700V Transalp - posted 2008

Click here All Road Touring: Honda XL700V Transalp - posted 2013

Click here Hunts Harry Shaw: Honda Transalp XL700V road test impressions

2011 XL700 Transalp Specification sheet

Click here Motorcycle Encyclopedia: 2011 Honda XL700V Transalp

XL700 Transalp - known issues

Click here Adventure Bike Riders: Honda XL700V Transalp - known issues discussed

Click here Trail Rider Reports: Honda XL700V Transalp - known issues blog site

Want bits to farkle your XL700 Transalp?

Click here Off Road Explorer: Honda XL700V Transalp Project Bike and Road Test - 2 links here.

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