Phil's Honda Deauville NT650VY

I decided that I needed a power socket to allow me to recharge my mobile phone and/or power a satelite navigation gps unit. These pictures show the end result of my efforts based on installing BMW car power socket components. The end result functions well and looks good into the bargain. Some of the first 4 pictures show it in use with the Navigon/Blue Media that I hate so much, the latter ones show the much better Garmin 255W replacement and the AquaBox 6 - all of which were presents Christmas 2009. Note: June 2011 - modified further to accept Garmin 1490T with Traffic updates and custom routes.

The finished look of the power socket on the r/h/s.

Power socket in use.

Blue Media/Navigon sat nav plugged in.

Blue Media/Navigon sat nav plugged in.

2010 GPS set-up:-
And that was my original set-up until the start of 2010. For Christmas 2009 I got a Garmin 255W sat nav and an Aqua Box 6 with Ram mount - so the pictures below show the modification I made to the AquaBox to get power into it and how I have mounted the unit.

The modification was to cut the foam to hold the power lead and to file a shallow groove for the power lead to get into the AquaBox - kept shallow so that when the lid is closed it is still water tight. The switch in the bottom left of the picture below is the switch for my Tech7 heated grips.
Garmin 255W with power lead - it sticks out a bit, which isn't a problem in a car mount.

Modification to the AquaBox6 to take power lead (foam pads supplied with AquaBox).

Power lead into AquaBox6 - lid open.

Power lead into AquaBox6 - lid closed and still sealed & water tight.

Power lead plugged into power socket.

The Ram mount for the AquaBox6 - bolted under brake reservoir.

Ram mount - back of the AquaBox.

Ram mount - back of the AquaBox.

Ram mount - below the AquaBox.

Ram mount - below the AquaBox.

Riders eye view when sitting on bike - glare is not usually present,
I put this down to the use of flash.

View from further back.

It may not look it but the Garmin & AquaBox combination is very useable. I can use it with gloves on while on the move unless I need to use the qwerty keyboard. The only restriction of this set-up is that I can't switch the Garmin on/off without opening the hinged AquaBox. The fact that I can't use the voice commands suits me as I always use it muted - even when in the car - and the Garmin has full coverage of Western Europe. The loop on the top right of the AquaBox is for a padlock, but any thief would just cut out the front of the soft clear cover - so locking it is not a sensible option. I ALWAYS remove it and take it with me when I leave the bike and if it doubt I demount the Ram arm & AquaBox too - there's always somewhere to put them on the Deauville.

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