Phil's Honda Deauville NT650VY - May 2011 update

The standard exhaust was looking tatty and a new exhaust from Honda (without the downpipes) is over 582, so I struck lucky when I got a complete stainless Motad system from a dealer in Kent selling on eBay for 260 including p&p. The only bits missing were the exhaust gaskets that I purchased seperately from Bob Minion, my local Honda dealer.
Removing the old system and fitting the Motad was straight forward using simple tools - 1/4 inch socket drive with long reach being the essential tool. Not only does the end result look good, it's lighter too, as the complete Motad system is lighter than the standard exhaust box on it's own. It also makes the the Deauville sound like a V-twin and less like a newted sewing machine.
And the bike scrubs up well. With the help of a couple of friends the fork oil in the front forks was changed and it's handling has been restored to "as new". With time on my hands after being made redundant at the end of March 2011 I began fettling it ready for the trip to Germany in June 2011. New mirrors replaced the tatty originals, brakes (back and front) have been stripped, cleaned, greased and reassembled - in short, overhauled.
I've now got the obligatory emergency triangle, high-viz yellow vest, first aid kit and spare bulbs as dictated by European motoring law. For my peace of mind there's a small compressor for tyre re-inflation and I've supplemented the tool kit to make it more useful. Bungie cords and cargo net for extra carrying capacity, which leaves just a puncture repair kit and gaffer tape to be sourced for my idea of a fully prepared medium sized tourer.

Motad exhaust fitted, 11 years old in June, currently showing 38,500 miles....

Not too shabby for a daily rider.

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