Mark's motorbike

Mark - back on 2 wheels:-
The 26th April 2014 saw Mark return to riding, This time with a real motorbike, a Suzuki Bandit 650 from 2005. The bike was bought from The Bike Shop in Long Eaton with just over 13k miles showing on the odometer. It is one of the oil cooled models that had a short model life of just 2 years before liquid cooling was adopted by Suzuki. Bought and paid for the previous Saturday it was my job (as dad) to collect the bike and ride it down to his home near Heathrow, where he then proceeded to familiarise himself with it by riding round the staff (British Airways) car park. It was the first time I had ridden a Bandit and I have to say I rather enjoyed the experience. Riding position was a bit more crouched than I'd ideally like but just right for the 120 or so motorway miles from Long Eaton to the bikes new home.

Some pictures on day of purchase:

Suzuki Bandit 650 Newly purchased and outside the dealer's showroom. Suzuki Bandit 650 Mark's Suzuki Bandit 650 from the front.

So here are some pictures of the bike taken on that damp day in 2014 when an apprehensive dad had the task of delivering the Suzuki to Mark's home...

Suzuki Bandit 650 Dad filling the empty fuel tank before leaving Long Eaton. Suzuki Bandit 650 Mark's first ride.
Suzuki Bandit 650 Getting the hang of it. Suzuki Bandit 650 The nerves have gone, see the grin.
Suzuki Bandit 650 That fast, in a car park? Suzuki Bandit 650 That will do for a first ride. Next comes commuting.

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